A list of resources for folks ready to join the path to Racial Justice

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Awesome Awesome-accomplice-logo A list of resources for folks ready to join the path to Racial Justice through anti-racism work.


We are in a time of civil uprising, and though it may feel new to some folks, there are been people doing this work for years and years. Folks who have built methodologies, frameworks, templates, have done research, and built so many resources for folks to better understand the direction we should be headed. It is in that vein that I create this repository, so that we pull from expertise that already exists, we acknowledge and amplify the work that is already being done, and we learn to share, support, then act on this work, so that we may be more aligned in community.


As I determine how to best fill this repository with resources, please take time to look at resources you have, confirm their source, get consent for them to be shared, and then connect here. I would love support determining how best to organize this resource in a way that is affirming to folks, and centers black voices, especially those who have been doing this work and are leading this work in their communities.




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